I once witnessed the loyalty of a dog who sensed his Master was soon to die, and sat at the foot of the bed whimpering for days before an operation. The dog never left the spot by the bed until he was dragged away.

The story I have talked about  is one that is dear to my heart. The man going to have the operation was my father and the dog was our loyal family pet Pipi who lived with my father and adored him. For a few days Pipi cried before my father went into hospital. Dad, sadly, never returned.  And somehow his dog knew what none of us would have dared to face.

This was nearly two decades ago. But a while ago, I witnessed more animal intuition and sensitivity. I was feeling worried because someone else close to me was having an operation. I couldn’t eat. At around 6 o’clock my two cats came in for dinner, as they always do. And as usual they were starving and ran inside.

But instead of going to their bowls they came over to where I was sitting by the TV and refused to move. I carried each back to the food. One sniffed and walked away; the other had a few mouthfuls and left the rest. They both returned to the couch and sat by me while I worried, and fussed, and signed and shed tears. At about 9pm I got a call from mutual friends who told me that the operation was a success and my loved one had awoken safely from the aesthetic.

I went and made myself a sandwich. The cats jumped up after me and hungrily ate their food.

Scientific Facts

A vet confirmed this was not magic. It’s the bond shared between Master and pet. Well, not so much in cats cases – as we know dogs have Masters and cats have servants. But there is definitely a wonderful, unconscious connection whereby the animal senses pain, sadness or anxiety and reacts accordingly.

Pets can vibe into us, but also seem to exert a wonderful, unseen power over us. The American Heart Association research has found that a 12-minute visit with a dog or pet helps heart and lung function by lowering blood pressure, diminishing the release of harmful hormones and decreasing anxiety among hospitalised heart-failure patients. Animal-assisted therapy is now being used by a wide range of health professionals and correctional facilities.

Japanese companies have begun giving employees a monthly allowance for their pets, understanding that those who live alone in that difficult city need the love and companionship of an animal to give them emotional nourishment, so that they don’t break down or get sick. With the trend to living alone on the increase, pets are the new children in some countries; and remain our best friends in the rest.

Have you had experiences with psychic pets, or animals so driven by love that they develop an intuitive bond with you? Please share stories of intuitive or psychic pets.


Some Fact from The Power of Paws website and also from the excellent article in U.S.News


  • Kids 11-16 with pets have better ability to understand non-verbal communications.
  • Children exposed to pets during the first year of life have a lower frequency of allergic rhinitis and asthma.
  • The presence of a dog during a child’s physical examination decreases their stress.
  • Children with autism have more prosocial behaviors, less autistic behaviors such as self-absorption.
  • Children who own pets score significantly higher on empathy and prosocial orientation scales than non-owners.
  • A Mayo Clinic study finds that seniors with pets have 21% less physician visits.
  • Pets help Alzheimers’ patients by bringing them back to the present.