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Reinvention they key

Kathi Sharpe-Ross’s Reinvention Exchange addresses big decisionsI saw a T-shirt the other day: “Warning, Life is not a dress rehearsal”. But for me it always has been, chatting away to myself as I amble along: “Note to self. Regarding 40. Next time don’t neglect career to travel as much. Oh, and buy property earlier. Note to self. Next time I’m 32 and I’m Ruth Ostrow, study neuroscience. Love that stuff.”

We all do it. There’s a deranged but understandable defence mechanism called denial in our heads. The good news is it protects us from thinking too much about death; non-existence; nighty-night nurse. The bad news is because we are deluded and believe we are going to get a second chance, and this is just the last rehearsal, we ignore our parents’ warning: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Continue Reading →