The Gift


Everything that happens is a gift. I have but to open the wrapping covering my own life and celebrate.’

Bestselling BodyMindSoul author Ruth Ostrow believes ‘every emotion or trait is a gift, even those we are taught to reject as wrong or sinful’ and everything that happens to us in our day-to-day life is sacred, even those experiences we consider challenging or painful.

Ruth’s beautiful 2004 book The Gift compels readers to look at life anew and create magic from everything that happens, especially the sacred challenges we all confront in our day-to-day lives.

In The Gift, Ruth reveals that many of the seemingly negative things that happen to us in life are simply treasures in disguise. A child home with the flu may seem like a hassle for busy parents, yet it can be a rich and valuable bonding time; a broken washing machine can lead us down to the local laundromat where we forge an invaluable career contact. Difficult bosses, neighbours or lovers can prove to be our greatest godsend, and lead us to achieving something wonderful we may not have attempted were we not motivated by the fire of our passions.

With inspiring prose and wonderful insights, Ruth composes an A to Z of entries and commentaries on human traits and everyday emotions, such as Anger and Compassion, Curiosity and Discipline, Fantasy and Letting Go, as well as Pain, Vulnerability and Yearning.

Beautiful artwork from celebrated artist David Band makes The Gift a gorgeous package of quiet wisdom that will provoke thought and be a source of comfort through the sometimes daunting and unpredictable journey through life.

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