Sacred & Naked


“A journey into the essence of Voluntary Simplicity”

Fresh from her battles as Australia ’s most controversial sex & relationship writer and broadcaster, Ruth Ostrow decides to give herself a gift.

As the new millennium dawns she leaves behind the intensity of city life and packs her family off for a seachange, or what is now known as a move towards voluntary simplicity or downshifting.

Sacred & Naked is a treasure trove of parables, stories and life lessons – wisdom gleaned as Ruth adjusts to her new physical and emotional environs on the far north coast of New South Wales first on a farm in the hinterlands and then living by the sea.

Believing that everything that happens to us, no matter how painful or how humdrum, is filled with meaning and important teachings, Ruth takes us on a journey into a new and raw kind of spirituality and helps us to recognise the powerful messages in our own lives that we can learn and grow from.

These are the stories that have helped her connect with the sacred in the mundane, the beauty in the ordinary, and the adventure in the domestic. As she lays herself bare in these simple tales of day-to-day life, love and loss, she also unveils the hopes, vulnerabilities and magical possibilities that belong to us all.

“Forget sex. There is nothing as raw and exhilarating as the striptease of the human soul.” Ruth Ostrow

Table of Contents
Extract – Sacred Death
Extract – Sacred Love
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“Ostrow is feisty…unafraid…reckless…provocative. She removes the laurels on which we rest, replacing them with whoopee cushions.” Phillip Adams

“Ruth Ostrow writes powerfully…” The Australian

“It is unashamedly the language of New Age philosophy and popular psychology … the stories speak for themselves” The Age.

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