Simple Pleasures



From the queen of sensuous delights comes the ultimate guide to guilt-free pleasure.

Simple Pleasures is the stunning follow-up to Ruth Ostrow’s The Gift.

Both a beautiful gift book and a guide to living well and living blissfully, Simple Pleasures contains beautifully illustrated words of wisdom, recipes, anecdotes, useful and interesting statistics and sexy factoids on how to eat, exercise, work and play in order to maximise pleasure while minimising stress.

The current catch-phrase is ‘work—balance’ and Simple Pleasures gets to the heart of the matter showing just what happens to our bodies when we’re stressed or fatigued, and how we can go about fixing things. From ecstatic breathing and exercise to fabulous food, love, sex, water therapy, yoga and meditation, Ruth Ostrow covers a range of simple but effective techniques to enrich and enhance our day-to-day lives.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty about pleasure and start integrating it into life as part of a balanced Health and Wellness regime. Health in the new millennium isn’t about eating your spinach, or jogging yourself to a frazzle; it’s about integration of all the good things – laughter, sex, sensuality and even chocolate (which itself promotes the release of the hormones PEA and oxytocins) into our daily lives.

Back Cover
Extract: Sex – the Ultimate Elixir of Youth
Extract: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Extract: Secret Men’s Business

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