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Activist blues

Sitting here this morning at my computer, just read that they are to resume live exports to Indonesia within weeks. Industry lobbying against the move to ban exports is too strong. Both Governments and opposition are in favour of resuming trade. They have promised to closely monitor the Indonesians but the minister announced today that forcing Indonesia to use stunning is impossible. What has been achieved?

How do we as an apathetic or simply busy group of people get these archaic horrific practices stopped. I just feel so weak and powerless. Even with all my readers and media clout there is nothing much I can do. I’m at a total loss. I wonder how those incredible activists in the past who’ve won civil rights for so many minority groups around the world have found the time and passion to change their worlds?

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Plastic poison


I hate lights left on all night in city buildings, glossy junk mail, plastic bottles. Share your pet company waste hates here and let’s try to make a difference!

ONE of my readers made a disturbing comment on a blog I wrote which showed a distinctly defeatist view about taking a stand. It was in relation to the story about animal exports to Indonesia.

To paraphrase, he said: “If we don’t supply them someone else will. And then our farmers will be the only ones who get hurt.”

I replied that history is too often tragically shaped by silence. As philosopher Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” One person has to step forward and say: “No more!” Continue Reading →


Four Corners animal cruelty


Help stop the horror of animal export. Please post comments for a protest letter to the Government.


The Government is cracking down on live exports to Asia after horrific footage shown on Four Corners taken by an animal rights activists, blew the lid on the unspeakable cruelty that is going on under our noses.

But farmers are already putting the heat on the Government hoping for a backdown, according to The Australian. We must remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure that such needless suffering is stopped. Please help by raising your voices.

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