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Stupid Laws

The Law is an Ass. Two stories have horrified me this week. One about a Gold Coast man who found armed intruders in his house. After confronting one, a struggle ensued and the armed bandit was shot. The home owner, a young man of 29,  is now in court facing manslaughter charges and a lifetime in jail for defending himself. Story two; a convicted pedeophile in Washington is allowed child pornography in jail because of a loophole in the law. Having pleaded guilty to producing child pornography and been sentenced to 25 years jail, he has now nominated himself as his own lawyer and as such is allowed to view over 100 videos of child porn under the guise of “reviewing the evidence”

Here’s a new addition I found today in News Corp. “A PRISONER who took offence when he found a government department had incorrectly listed him as having a domestic violence conviction has won a compensation payout (of NZ$3,500) for breach of privacy and hurt feelings. The man has convictions for attacking a police officer, unlawful possession of firearms, aggravated robbery, theft, burglary and trying to escape from custody…”

And we eagerly await the court’s assessment of this one

Woman sues government after light falls, injures her in hotel room while having sex on work trip

The world has gone mad. There is no such thing as justice or even logic in things that go on. Does anyone else feel as frustrated as I do reading the morning papers?

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