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Animal Land Rights?

A new proposal by academics to introduce land rights for animals has been slammed by farming associations across the country. Under the proposal, certain animals would be given legal property rights. President of the S.A Farmers Federation Peter White has attacked the proposal saying farmers will suffer. But University of Western Sydney’s Dr Hadley argues the move will protect biodiversity.

I stand for protecting animals. My partner argues: Whose protecting our farmers?

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But first watch News satirists The Onion debating the issue of Animal Rights.


On a serious and poignant note watch David Icke debate a mooted Animal Rights Bill in the U.K
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Professor Ian Lean responds!

Sow stall


Professor Ian Lean, of the school of  Veterinary Science  at Sydney University, and spokesman for the 35 scientists who support hormone fed livestock, responds here to criticism from Voiceless animal rights chairman Brian Sherman that he and his colleagues are funded by drug companies and thus biased. Mr Sherman’s letter follows Professor Lean’s comments.

Who is right?   POST YOUR VIEWS!

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