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Time to be bad

There‚Äôs health for the body. But there’s also health for the spirit and the two don’t coexist. Time to be bad.

IT was the best laid schemes of mice and men. After a wretched year of studying full-time at university and working, my partner and I decided to take a health break in Bali. Ubud, in the mountains, is the capital of healthy living and detox. There are organic raw food restaurants, a daily supply of yoga classes, endless natural healing therapies, and massage. We found a lodge surrounded by nature, away from traffic fumes and the hustle and bustle, and allowed ourselves a couple of days to unwind. Continue Reading →


Time Out

We all need time out. I’m off on a small holiday. Just a few days at a health retreat trying to shave a few inches of those thighs. Where do other people go for some R & R? I know friends who go away every other weekend – they drive to the country or stay with friends by the sea. Others who have money find places to fly to for the weekend and go away often.

Me I tend to go away on (very) extended breaks, often overseas, every year. But it often occurs to me that I’m almost dead before I get there. So I’ve decided to go on a refresher, good healthy food, lots of reading and a bit of exercise. But I am curious about other people. Do you make a habit of getting away on short holidays; and what sorts of ideas can you offer the workaholics who visit me here?


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