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SAD in the cold

I have SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder. I get the blues in Winter. How many others feel this way?

It’s not an imagined phenomenon according to health reports. Lack of light and sunshine alters the brain chemistry. This has been a proven phenomenon in colder climate countries where it stays dark much of the day. Special lights have been designed to try to inspire the brain’s natural creation of seratonin. But those of us who are prone to clinical depression are more at risk of SAD and I can speak from personal experience when I say that the absence of daylight savings when it is suddenly dark by 5 o’clock makes me feel very despondent and like not going out anywhere.

Today is a glorious day in Sydney and I have been walking on the beach which¬† is a translucent green like in Tahiti or Cuba. And my mood is light and carefree. I know that the sky and light have done wonders for my mindset. So strange isn’t it? But fiunny enough my ex used to become unhinged in Summer. It was his hypothalamus which couldn’t cope with the heat. How many of you are affected by the weather?

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