Intro to Total Success

THEY are from the big end of town: the high-profile men and women whose skill and single-mindedness drive some of the nation’s top businesses.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians rely on them for employment and guidance.

But out of the office, they find meaning in a rich and varied experiences.

Total Success is a six-week Inquirer series by Ruth Ostrow, complemented by a unique set of revealing video interviews.

It showcases six of Australia’s most influential and charismatic business leaders talking about intensely personal subjects, including death, love, friendship and God.

Drawing on her strong knowledge of business, and close friendships built up over decades, Ruth has been given remarkable access to these often remote figures.

Find out who would do anything to restore his health; who is responsible for giving away millions but doesn’t think he’s a good person; and which formidable leader is prepared to bow down to a Buddhist nun.

And who believes in the power of love, in every aspect of their lives including with staff?


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