Sex with Robots

Excited by the prospect of androids as sexual partners? They are here. What are the ethics?

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What is the exact logic behind banning child sex robots? Do they think latent pedophiles will not discover (or decide) what they are until they try it? That flies in the face of all modern research into adult sexual orientation.

Or maybe there is no logic, it’s just that no lawmaker wants to be on the front page as the one who had the opportunity to ban it and didn’t.

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I suppose on reflection, the problem is the need for a living model to make a convincing simulacrum. It’s just another variant of pornography.

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Brian of Piccadilly

Barbarella – 1968 – Jane Fonda (before she went nuts)

People on Earth no longer have penetrative intercourse but take exaltation-transference pills and press their palms together when their “psychocardiograms are in perfect harmony”.

At one point Barbarella is locked in the Orgasmostron, where she is supposed to die of ecstasy, but her multiple orgasms overload the machine and she escapes yet again.

Billy Connolly told a story about a bloke who bought a blow-up sex doll. In the throes of passion he bit its neck and it flew round the room like a balloon. He took it back to the sex shop and told the proprietor that it went down on him when he bit it. The proprietor told him that if he’d know it could do that he would have charged him another $50.

Nothing new here…

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An ethics report on sex!

Isn’t there anything useful to do, maybe grow some tomatoes or something.

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It is very telling to me that whilst straight white male are considered by every single ‘studies’ discipline and their media cronies as some kind of superfluous oppressor class that simply don’t matter, they are extremely fearful of men getting a hold of sexbots. One would have thought this would free women from the ’emotional labour ‘ of their oppressors. But in fact, even the most moderate feminist becomes Andrea Dworkin when high-level sexbots get a mention. Why are these people so scared of male sexual autonomy? Oops, gave away the answer – autonomy.

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Do you see the sly, slipery smile on the robots face, like, AM I GONNA GET LUCKY TONIGHT!

Nothing much changes.

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Alan Ken

I worship the Inventor of sex.

He did wonderful job with Adam and Eve, but our hardness of heart and rebellious selfishness is ruining a what is a great thing.

As the Book says, we take pleasure in inventing new ways of doing wrong.

Keep it simple. Get married, love one another, be faithful, have all the sex you want, read the Song of Solomon, praise the Lord and have kids.

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What a time saver. Ladies, no longer so we need to shave legs, wax other bits or even bother brushing your teeth if you just can’t be bothered. And as soon as your done, he’s done and packed away till next time.

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Are we really having a discussion about this. Give me a break. There must be nothing derogatory about Trump worth reporting at the moment

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None of that derogatory Trump stuff is actually worth reporting but the media are addicted to reporting it rather than the fact that the way things are going, people won’t be able to afford the electricity to plug in their sex bots.

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My wife would get so much more sleep if I had one of these folded up in the cupboard.

Do they cook?

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I would be more concerned that our brothels are filled with university students looking for easy money, what price do these girls place on self respect and self esteem?

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Yes vince I worry about that too. I wonder if they have a real choice. Are they trafficked, or in a difficult financial situation. They would have to live a double life to avoid being an outcast then there is the risk of assault and attachment problems, self esteem problems, in their later life. Many need drugs to avoid the reality of what they do.

The counter argument is that some are willing. That does not mean there will be no harm.

Some people went willingly into slavery but we abolished it anyway.

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Ruth, your statement that you don’t believe in a link between pornography and violence is utterly foolish. Come and speak to wives in the real world. And the effect of pornography on children is unspeakable. We have big problems ahead.

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Don’t worry, it will be banned for heterosexuals. Transbots, LGBots and PoCbots however, will be tools of liberation and diversity and inclusion. Unlike patriarchy bots, diversity bots will be culturally celebrated and bestowed all of the protections available by HRC and will become regular guests on Q&A.

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Futurama already called it.  Episode on 13 May 2001 – more accurate than one might like to believe.

Maybe give it a quick watch.

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There is something repugnant about this.  But females for example have been using vibrators for years.  I do remember seeing a movie a few years ago where a couple put an electronic hat on each that somehow synchronised with each other and they had a mental experience without the exchange of fluids.  Does not appeal to me, but I am just one Joe in the world.

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@Neil Thanks!

I had successfully purged that awful movie from my mind & you evoke the memory!

Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock & of all people Nigel Hawthorne!

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This is all really sad. I thought the porn thing (which I DO find violent) was bad enough. Pornography within marriage is now one of the most cited causes of divorce so you can only imagine the effect of these things on the delicate balance of human beings intimate life.

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If you live in South Australia is there a possibility you might be stuck in a passionate embrace until Jay turns the lights back on? Or if the pseudo lady is powered by lithium batteries is there some possibility that your member might be unfortunately carbonised in an intense but localised explosion?

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Brian of Piccadilly

One of “the creme de la creme of the professional world” told me that he always followed one of the basic rules of economics: if it flies, floats or f…s, rent it.

“much as cars are now being printed” – really? Take a break from the sex biz and visit a car factory.

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What is this thing called “sex” that you write of? I have some vague memory of a bodily activity that brought forth a couple of very expensive and now rude and surly children, but not for some years now.

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What about love Ruth? Isn’t it important anymore? Or don’t you think love and sex are linked?

These robots simulate the body of another but don’t have a beating heart for love. This doesn’t satisfy the hunger of the human heart but empties the sex act of it’s worth.

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@Vince Still. It is better than nothing and is a comfort for the lonely who need to empty their sex sack of its worth!!

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The sci-fi movies of the past, really were a glimpse of the future, and they depicted a lot more scary insights of the society of the future. I trust some of it was just Hollywood fantasy.

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Infidelity is the gap between your actions and your promises/assurances/vows etc. So whether a robot would count is down to the couple, and the parameters they set. Given the future has a habit of arriving quickly it might pay some couples to explicitly sort that out in advance

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I didn’t think sex with a robot was cheating, but the toaster didn’t speak to me for a fortnight afterwards.

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Geez would I stick my thing in that thing? What if it caught a programming virus and the wrong part clenched tight rendering you captive? Drag it to the PC and hook it up and run Malware Bytes? Or would that be Widows (sic) Update.

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I have been laughing for ten minutes, now my glasses are all fogged up Glenn.


2 Responses to Sex with Robots

  1. Barbara 14 October 2017 at 4:56 pm #

    The whole topic raises umpteen questions! What a strange world this planet is becoming. I neither recognise, relate or desire any of the above.
    It all seems about me, me.
    Humans are changing into something else and it doesn’t strike me as being attractive.
    Just my 5 cents worth.

  2. Pat Riarchy 19 July 2017 at 5:37 pm #

    There are no ethics to consider.

    The problem females like Ms Ostrow have is that the only thing a female can offer a man is a 75% chance she will ruin his life.

    As a feminist, Ms Ostrow knows how the very nature of men, masculinity itself, is toxic. She can tell us how evil men pay females less for no other reason than they are female. How useless men are at sex. How everything is the fault of men. How violent men are. How men need to raise their consciousness. How men are not as evolved as females.

    Despite Ms Ostrow’s fears, a bloke is not going to grab some blue haired, metal faced, fat, ugly, hairy, tattooed feminist from the pub and rape her when he has a stunningly beautiful and sexy disease free Hubot at home that will enthusiastically provide the best sex he has ever had.

    It’s OK for females to have vibrators and dildos. Females often say they would marry their vibrator if it paid the bills. No social isolation there. Ms Ostrow’s single female friends want money and status but they got nothing to offer other than a 75% chance they will ruin a man’s life. They are worse than useless because they are a liability.

    Don’t worry, Ms Ostrow. A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.

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