Time Management for Life Changers

It’s been a wild few days. Bought an Apple Mac because so much of the University course I am doing is based on using it. Another change after twenty years of being a PC user. Such a sad and funny sight, me squinting over the keyboard, losing the page and my place every other minute. A metaphor for this new world I find myself in. The main focus for me is getting a handle on time management: What to do and when? My homework, helping my daughter with her HSC homework, getting my column in each week? Eating? What should take priority? Trying to read time management guru Tim Ferriss’ best seller and Blog, The 4 Hour WorkWeek but who has time??

The murderous beast

On Sunday I planned to work the whole day. My cat maimed a bird. A beautiful proud magpie crying with a broken wing, so I spent the day driving around with the bird in a blanket looking for a vet, in tears knowing the bird’s ultimate demise. Tonight I planned to work. Daughter wanted fish for dinner. Rush rush burned my hand. Sitting here wrapped in ice, typing with one hand. The sound of one hand clapping. Can someone tell me how to do this time management thing? Or as my naughty cat might ask: How do we take on more than we can chew and swallow it?

Another picture of my cat after he bit off more than he could digest.


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3 Responses to Time Management for Life Changers

  1. Ruth Ostrow 30 March 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    Fay how gorgeous of you. If you had Facebook I would like you too! This is not an easy role for me either. I would be a luddite if it weren’t for my job. So I’ve had to join the 21 century kicking and screaming. I still can’t record on my dvd player; — and yet I have to learn how to operate edit suites and complex technological monsters for class. Lots of tears, lots of fears. But the rewards are incredible. Like this site. I built it myself. Jump in there Fay, just a toe in the water, dare to buy an iphone. You don’t have to have any friends on there. iPhones are just so much fun and you can read the news while you are waiting in the checkout cue.

  2. Fay Geller 30 March 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    from a major neo Luddite…hope this is leaving a comment. have no facebook (have more friends than I can cope with already) no twitter, no i phone or i pad, an old computer desk top, not sure you will get this. Good on you for re-training technologically. it seems to be the way to go. inspiration for me to try the same. keep us up to date Ruth Ostrow. If i had face book i would like you.

  3. Go Mo 7 March 2011 at 11:10 am #

    When I first became an author after changing careers from being a stockbroker, I kept a strict to-do list; and focussed on doing one thing at a time, obsessively until total completion. Anxiety comes from trying to do too many things at the same time, and none of them well. When you are cooking cook; when you are helping your daughter, make sure that she is the only focus. Schedule in “unforseen circumstance” time as well; sounds funny but helps stop anxiety if you accept that stuff happens.

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